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You too may be eligible to move "old and dormant" retirement accounts into a self-directed vehicle that allows you to take back control your financial future by investing in the things that excite you the most such as real estate, crypto & precious metals.

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From The Desk Of Greg Herlean,

Founder of Horizon Trust
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You know what solves problems more than any other variable?


You can think away your problems, stall by explaining your problems, or talk them out but at the end of the day, ACTION is what solves them.

Ignorance is not an excuse...

Not doing anything doesn't do anything to progress you through an issue.

Don't let your reasons or justifications stall you from the doing.

More action means that there is more probability for results to exist!

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These are the specific methods that the top one percent use to build real generational wealth WITHOUT paying taxes!

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- Greg Herlean, Founder of Horizon Trust

Discover The Little Known Methods Used By Only 4% Of Investors...

Self-Directed IRA’s are a strategy utilized by an exclusive, in-the-know, group of investors who want full control of their money.

Did you know that 97% of all IRA’s are invested in stocks and bonds through traditional outlets who rely on commissions for their survival?

This is true even though Self-Directed IRA’s have been around since 1974. Although this group is exclusive and on the cutting edge, the secret is slowly being let out of the bag.

Why do some of the wealthiest families rely on self directed IRA’s?

Take Back Control

When you use a Self-Direct IRA you are in control and you get to make the decisions on where and how to invest your hard-earned money.

Tax Benefits

Retirement and other tax advantaged accounts offer the easiest way to achieve huge tax benefits. The tax benefits range from tax deductions today to tax protection on income and profits to tax free income in the future. Best of all, by having the opportunity to choose from a variety of accounts you can select the tax benefits you want the most.


You can put your money to work in many different investments that you get to personally choose such as real estate, crypto, precious metals, and the list goes on.

Increased Savings

Retirement accounts were created by the federal government and afford an easy way to save, invest and grow your wealth to achieve specific goals.

Horizon Trust Is Trusted By Thousands Of Other Americans

4.8 Customer Rating

4.8 Customer Rating

A+ BBB Rating

Why Self-Direct Your IRA?

Almost all IRA custodians limit how you can invest your money...

If you wanted to take your money, invest in a cow and sell the milk to grow your IRA, you’d have a hard time finding a bank that would allow you to do that.

You probably already know that banks make a TON of money off you… and truth is... they make a ton of money off your IRAs as well!

The problem is that you haven’t had a lot of other options.

But we have a solution for you...

A Self-Directed IRA.

By Self-Directing your IRA, you can invest in just about anything you want to: crypto, real estate, precious metals, land, promissory notes, tax lien certificates, water rights, oil and gas, flour mills, dairy cows, the sky is the limit!

You obtain complete control over how you want to invest your precious, hard-earned money.

And you can do away with a lot of the fees of traditional IRAs!

This will allow you to increase the amount you can make, reduce the costs associated with your IRA, and take back control of your IRA and retirement money!


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